Washington County Sheriff’s Posse & Search and Rescue

Mission Statement

The Washington County Search & Rescue is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the safety and well being of citizens of Washington County and its surrounding counties, by providing quality search and rescue operations.  Since its conception dedicated volunteers have worked hard to put together training, knowledge and equipment to assist citizens.  The continued expansion of training and equipment acquisition is of the utmost importance along with having available manpower to ensure success for the citizen’s of Washington County and others as needed.


*  To provide search and rescue operations to Washington County.

*  To develop and train members.

*  To develop strategic plans for successful missions.

*  To maintain equipment in a good working order.

*  To maintain as an independent organization.

*  To stay within the boundaries of similar search and rescue organization.


ELIGIBILITY – All members must be a least eighteen years of age, shall be of good character, and in good mental and physical condition.  Members shall not have any felony convictions within their lifetime (unless pardoned by a proper authority).  All members shall be subject to a criminal background investigation.

ELIGIBILITY OF EMERGENCY SERVICE PERSONNEL – Members can apply if they are currently a member of another emergency agency (ie fire department, law enforcement, or medical field) with a letter of recommendation from their current department head.  As long as they are a member in good standing.

DUES – Dues shall consist of:  1. Application fee of $30, payable at time of application.  The application fee will be refunded if applicant is not accepted.  Annual fee of $7.50 pro-rated by entrance month.  Thereafter, payable during the first month of the following year.  2. Waiver of Dues – Dues may be waived for an individual upon the apporval of the Commander and Treasurer.  That member will retain voting privileges.  3. Delinquent Dues – Any member who is behind one year in his/her dues may be dropped from the membership.  4. Members who are not current in their dues shall not be allowed to vote.

Officers and Directors

TITLES – Commander:  The commander is responsible for conducting general meetings and to be responsible to maintain working relations between the directors and general members.  Vice Commander:  The vice commander is responsible for preforming the duties of the commander in the event of the commander’s absence.  Secretary:  The secretary is responsible for keeping accurate minutes of general meetings and work with the public information officer to notify parties of any communications.  Treasurer:  The treasurer is responsible for keeping accurate financial records and disbursements as called upon.  Public Information Officer:  The public information officer is responsible for keeping members and the public informed on current events.  This position is to be a member of the logistics team.

ELECTIONS – Elections will be held at the January general meeting.  Officers will be nominated at the January meeting and will be elected by a majority vote of the members in attendance of this meeting.  Officer will serve a term of one year.

ELIGIGILITY – Any member in good standing is eligible for any office.

VACANCIES – At any time an office is vacated, there will be a special election at the next general meeting.  With the exception of the Commander, the Vice Commander will fill this position and the Vice Commander office will be open for elections.

OFFICER REMOVAL – In the event of the need to remove a officer from power, a 2/3 majority vote of the entire organization will be required for removal.

VOTING POWERS OF OFFICERS – Officers retain all voting rights, however the Commander often votes only in the event of a tie.

DIRECTORS (subject to change) – Directors will be a governing board made up as followed:  There will be five directors otherwise revered to as Team Leaders.  Directors will handle all disciplinary actions with a majority vote of the directors.  The directors will consist of the following team leaders;  1.  Logistics Team- The logistics team is in charge of planning, implementation, communication, and directly working with the Incident Commander.  2.  Water Resue Team- The water rescue team will work with all water related incidents (ie cold water rescue, dive, swift water rescue, and any other water type incident).  3.  Medical Team- The medical team is responsible for the safety of the member of the Search and Rescue Organization and the citizens of the county where needs arise.  4.  On Land Search Team- The on land search team is responsible for all on land searches.  5.  Over Snow Team- The over snow team is responsible for all snow related searches.

REMOVAL OF DIRECTORS – Directors can be removed only by the general members with a majority vote.

ELECTION OF DIRECTORS – Directors will ve elected by the team members of their respective teams and hold a term of two years.  Directors shall not be directors of more than one team at any given time, in the event that both teams are working at the same time.

General Meeting

MEETING LOCATION – Meeting shall be held at the Washington County Court House on the first Thursday of every month at 7:30 p.m.  This will be subject to change in the event of a holiday or in the event of an exerted training event.  An example of an extended training event is a hands on truing in the field.  In this case the meeting might start earlier in the day or be held on a weekend.

MEETING ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENTS – Members shall be required to attend a minimum of ten monthly meetings.  In case a meeting needs to be missed, the member must call or in some other way notify their perspective team leader of their absence.


AMENDMENTS – This Constitution and any By-Laws may be amended at any time.  A copy of the proposed Amendments will be distributed to the membership, at Business Meetings, starting one Business Meeting before a vote is taken on the changes.  The date of the vote will be included with the proposed Amendments.  A 2/3 majority vote of the members in attendance of the meeting will be necessary to effect any changes.

EFFECTIVE DATE – This Constitution and By-Laws supersedes all formal documents and constitution and shall go into effect the first day following a vote of acceptance.

RENEWAL – This Constitution will be reviewed and amended as is necessary.